Churches Together in Welling


A blessed Lent to you allA blessed Lent to you all

Dear Friends,

We would normally start our ecumenical Lent meetings this week, meeting in homes all around Welling.   I for one will miss not having a group meeting in my home, a chance to get to know new friends and renew older friendships.   However I know that most of you will be well catered for by your own churches, but if by chance you are not, and I do know of one Church that is unable to provide any special material, then I thought I would just remind you that there is a lot of good spiritual food on offer.

For those online, there is a feast of material - why not be brave and dip into the offerings of another denomination.   Below I have listed just a few that I found online.

Churches Together in Britain- Opening the Scriptures.   Looks interesting and different.

The Church of England – LiveLent 2021 based on the archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book for 2021 Living his story.

Bible Society

Methodist Central Hall Westminster - starting this Wed. 7pm go to their website.


There is so much out there  - just Google "Lent Courses".

For those not online, and I realise they will need a friend to point this out,

 Radio 4 Wednesdays at 20.45 Lent Talks.

Premier Radio.

There is so much good stuff around that none of us need to lack good material.

Good hunting and may Our Lord richly bless us all. 

Sandy (Kennedy)

(Who usually organises the Lent groups)